Evald Flisar

Evald Flisar, born in 1945, lives in Ljubljana as a novelist, short story writer, playwright, essayist, editor. He studied comparative literature in Ljubljana, English literature in London, psychology in Australia. Globe-trotter (travelled in more than 80 countries), underground train driver in Sydney, Australia, editor of (among other things) an encyclopaedia of science and invention in London, author of short stories and radio plays for the BBC, president of the Slovene Writers’ Association (1995 – 2002), since 1998 editor of the oldest Slovenian literary journal Sodobnost (Contemporary Review). Author of ten novels, two collections of short stories, three travelogues, two books for children and teenagers and thirteen stage plays. Winner of many awards, among them the Prešeren Foundation Prize, the highest state award for prose and drama. Various works, especially short stories and plays, translated into 31 languages, among them Hindi, Bengali, Malay, Nepali, Indonesian, Turkish, Greek, Japanese etc. Stage plays regularly performed abroad.



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