Stanka Hrastelj

Stanka Hrastelj was born in 1975. She studied Theology at the University of Ljubljana. She published poetry in numerous magazines and on radio, participated in national and international almanachs and anthologies and was often a guest at international literary festivals. In 2001 she was named The Best Young Poet at the Urška festival of young Slovenian authors. In 2005 she published her poetry collection Nizki toni (Low Tones), for which she was granted the award for the best literary debut at the Slovenian book fair. In 2009 she published her second book of poetry Gospod, nekaj imamo za vas (Sir, We Have Something For You), which was nominated for the Jenko-Award. She often acts as a moderator in literary talks and a mentor of literary workshops. She also translates, mostly Croatian and Serbian poetry. She is a member of the Slovenian Writers Association and leader of the association for culture and art Liber.


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