Maja Gal Štromar

Maja Gal Štromar, born in 1969, is an actress, a poet and writer, a translator, a drama educator and a professor of rhetoric. She has a diploma in Romance studies as well as a diploma of the International theater school of Jacques Lecoq in Paris. In over ten years of theater work at home and abroad she played more than 34 roles and made more than 24 films. She published eight books, four of them with poetry: Goga 66000 (1988), Na predpomlad mi reci ti(Call Me By First Name Before Springtime, 1990), Že češnječas (It’s Cherry Time, 1998), Boginja z zamudo(Goddess With Delay, 2011); three novels: Amigdalino srce (Amygdala’s Heart, 2003); Ljubeznica ali Svetloba po dekretu (Sweetheart or Light By Decree, 2006), Misli name, ko ti je lepo (Think Of Me When You Are Fine, 2011) and the monodrama Alma Ajka (2008). Besides this, she also wrote theatre plays for children and radio plays for adults.

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