Primož Čučnik

Primož Čučnik (1971) is a poet, occasional essayist and translator, his poetry book Dve zimi (Two Winters, 1999) won the award for the best debut. This was followed by Ritem v rokah (Rhythm In The Hands, 2002), Oda na manhatnski aveniji (Ode On The Avenue Of Manhattan, 2003, together with Podlogar and Kariž); Akordi (Chords, 2004), Nova okna (New Windows, 2005), Sekira v medu (Axe In The Honey, selected poems, 2006). Delo in dom (Work And Home, 2007) was granted the award of the Prešeren Foundation. 2011 he was granted the Jenko Award for the best poetry book for Kot dar (Like a present, 2010). 2008 his book of essays, criticism and fragments Spati na krilu (Auf dem Flügel schlafen) was published in the series Novi pristopi. He translated numerous poets form Polish and English, his (co-)translations of C. Miłosz, Miron Białoszewski, Piotr Sommer, Marcin Świetlicki, Adam Wiedemann, Eugenyusz Tkaczyszyn Dycki and John Ashbery, Frank O’Hara, Elizabeth Bishop were published as books. He si the deitor of the magazine Literatura and founder of the publishing house Šerpa. He contributed to the album Košček hrupa in ščepec soli (A piece of moise and a pinch of salt) and is a member of the group CPG Impro. Two of his books were published in Poland: Zapach herbaty (2002) and Praca i dom (2009). He was born, lives and works in Ljubljana.

Some of his poems in English

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