Aleš Čar, O znosnosti (On Sufferableness)

Families have always been the best place for those small, every day hells, that behind a carefully preserved façade of apparent normality and harmlessness mercilessly and in all sorts of ways elixates their members down to nothing. In te new novel by Aleš Čar that has been published at the end of last year, the narrator – a member of the family but not at the center of events – tries to pull together the pieces of several generations of his family’s history. This ist triggered by an event that might seeem harmless: the visit of an aunt with which no one had been in touch for years; but this visit makes the whole construction of the family go completely off the rails, especially the world of the grandfather who, together with this aunt, his daughter, is the epicenter of all events. The novel is a family album, the pictures of which show horrible thinsg, if we take a closer look, but not without a humorous snapshot now and then, just the way it is in families … A pageturner.

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