Maja Gal Štromar, Boginja z zamudo (Goddess With Delay)

Recently the new book of poetry by Maja Gal Štromar was published, a woman who is not only a poet and writer, but also an actress, a translator, a drama educator and a professor of rhetoric. Like her, also her Goddess With Delay features something for all senses: Beginning with the book cover in shiny purple and deep red, which gives a hint at what is waiting inside. There you find poems in a Slovene and an Italian version that play with rhythm, sound and words, in which the poet, like an actor, describes from a first person perspective a woman’s life with all aspects of feelings and perception; the inspiration for the content of these poems was a film she acted in. All this is accompanied by a CD that adds another dimension to the book. The musician Tinkara Kovač set some of the poems to music, giving them her own interpretation and a new rhythm, which allows us to discover each of these texts even more than once.

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