Modra ptica award 2012 goes to Stanka Hrastelj for her novel Igranje

Stanka Hrastelj, writer, poet, translator and presenter at literary readings was awarded with the Modra ptica, the new and presently most remunerative (€ 12.000) award for literature, granted by the publishing house Mladinska knjiga. Igranje is her first work of prose, so far she has published two books of poetry and many of her texts can be found in collections and anthologies. At the awards ceremony she said she had written most of the novel before the competition was announced. It is based on her encounter with schizophrenia, a disease that had afflicted her father. “The novel is an X-ray of my experience with the disease. At the beginning, the protagonist is healthy. The disease starts to develop as she loses her Job, and then it flourishes.”

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