The Slovenian Book Agency (JAK)

The Slovenian Book Agency (Javna agencija za knjigo, JAK), active since 1. January 2009, is part of the Slovenian ministry of culture; its task is the promotion and support of Slovenian literature and its authors. For this purpose it aims at stable conditions in all related fields and thus to promote high quality work in literature and science, especially the humanities, a better access to books for everyone, an increased awareness of the significance of books and reading for the development of the individual and society, a higher awareness of Slovenian creators of fiction and scientific journalism worldwide an better conditions for production.
The means to achieve this are, for example, appropriate acknowledgement and pay for the authors, e.g. through grants, a boost of book sales by various incentives for sellers and customers, the promotion of literacy and reading skills of children and adolescents, support of libraries and the promotion of the translation of Slovenian literature abroad by events, grants, other forms of financial aid, attendance at book fairs and the like.

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